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Global Marketing

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Essay title: Global Marketing

New and improved products are developed almost daily, they are launched in the marketplace in hopes that the product will be accepted and purchased, the fate of any product is determined by consumers through their acceptance and purchase or rejection of the product. New product introductions are becoming more and more expensive and the product success rate is less than in previous years.

The number of promotion methods to choose from can be overwhelming, and finding the best method which will allow the Palm Mercury to flourish in the market is a very challenging step to overcome. PalmOne has developed a new product and we want to tell a large number of people about it very quickly. Mass selling is our intention. Several of the approaches that will allow PalmOne to determine the potential success of the Mercury is to initiate a small, cost effective mass selling campaign that can easily grow to a much larger campaign in the coming months. We can put together a short campaign very cost effectively to quickly establish if this kind of promotion will work.

One of the most effective approaches to reach people on the go is to advertise the product on the radio. Radio reaches tens of thousands of people each day while driving in their car, or listening at the beaches and the intended advertisements will reach our target listeners with our message. We will plan an advertisement campaign over a single week or multiple weeks in order maximize the impact.

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