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Global Warming - Green House Gases

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Essay title: Global Warming - Green House Gases

Green House Gases

Global Warming is a concern for every persons living on our earth. The earth is naturally heated by the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect simply put is there is a mixture of gases in our earth’s atmosphere. The suns rays then travel through this barrier of gases known as the ozone. These rays then bounce off of the earth’s surface and then back into the air. About a third of these rays are trapped in the atmosphere which then heats the earth to an average temperature of sixty digress Fahrenheit (Schank, 177). The problem we, the world are facing is with the burning of fossil fuels such as gas, coal and natural gas produces carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is then absorbed into the atmosphere. With the unnatural balance of gases in the atmosphere more heat is than trapped resulting in a global rise in temperature. The effects of a rise in temperature are the polar ice caps melting, thus resulting in a rise in seal level which effect low lying coasts all around the world, jet streams and changes in “normal” weather. Other effects of global warming have an adverse effect on vegetation and the spread of famine and mortality rates. “It is estimated that since the 1970s average global surface temperatures have increased at a rate of .35 degrees per decade” (Schank, 178). If something is not done in the near future to reduce green house gases the world is in trouble.

“According to President Bush he is addressing this matter, Bush has directed a Cabinet-level review of U.S. climate change policy. Members of the Cabinet, the Vice President, and senior White House staff have been meeting to examine the science, technologies, current U.S. efforts, and a wide range of innovative options for addressing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere”(U.S. Department of State, 1). According to The Climate Change Report issued from The Department of State America has pursued many options and steps in attempts to lower emissions of greenhouse gases. The United States is currently pursuing new production and transmission methods of electricity. We are trying to develop more fuel-efficient cars such as the hybrids. And as far as forestry is concerned the United States government is setting aside large amounts of land for conservation. Finally, the United States is promoting more fuel-efficient government buildings such as schools and offices to try and diminish the global warming problem Department Of State, 2)

As far as big business is concerned many large companies have promised to lower their emission of greenhouse gases. Ford Motor Company, Shell, DOW Chemical Company, Daimler Chrysler and BP oil pledged that by the year 2010 to reduce their emissions by ten percent. Ford motor company is also developing battery powered and hydrogen automobiles (Schank, 182-89).

Internationally there have been attempts to solve this issue such as the Kyoto Protocol, which called for the collective participation by all countries to control their pollution. The problems with the Kyoto protocol were that developing nations could not agree with industrialized nations in reducing their emissions because they claimed that the industrialized nations had already benefited from the industrial revolution, and the emission controls were far to expensive. The United States could not come to an agreement in reducing their emissions supposedly because President Bush claimed it would hurt the American economy. Therefore, talks were ended and a new set of negotiations is needed.

My plan to reduce global warming is quite simple. Domestically, the United States would give tax breaks to citizens who purchased fuel-efficient automobiles, and who converted their household heating to a more environmental friendly alternative. The United States government should also make public transportation more appealing and efficient. This in turn would cut down on the number of cars on the road. Since money is what drives most people offer incentives for doing their part to stop global warming.

In terms of big business, offer them tax incentives for cutting pollution. This in turn would allow them to purchase more environmental friendly technology and no cost because they are receiving tax breaks. Also hire more officials to monitor pollution from the businesses and most importantly set a fair pollution standard that has to be met each month. If this is not met, force the business to pay a monetary fine. The revenue generated from

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