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Global Warming: This Is Why Were Hot

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Essay title: Global Warming: This Is Why Were Hot

Global Warming: This Is Why Were Hot…

Global warming something that has affected our world for decades. Global consist of everyday living from when we wake up to when we sleep. Many do not know they are contributing to it by the very air they breathe. Global warming is the single biggest threat to wildlife today. There are many contributors to global warming from green houses gases to people smoking on the street. We are surround by global warming and we have the power to stop it but many do not we are just adding to the problem instead of helping the problem.

Already, people have increased the amount of CO2, the chief global warming pollutant, in the atmosphere to 31 percent above pre-industrial levels. There is more CO2 in the atmosphere now than at any time in the last 650,000 years. Studies of the Earth’s climate history show that even small changes in CO2 levels generally have come with significant shifts in the global average temperature.

There are many facts about global warming that is disturbing. The United States is ranked number 1 in 2006 as hottest year on record in the continental United States. We are also ranked number 1 top global warming polluter in the world. Two hundred million people around the world can be displaced by more intense droughts, sea level rise and flooding by 2080. Zero federal bills have been passed to cap America's global warming pollution.

Many people do not know if human are causing global warming. We are the main sources of global warming and this is why the earth is deterring slowly and no one can do anything about it. Humans are pouring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere much faster than plants and oceans can absorb it. Humans are the pollutant in the world today. We do everything to cause global warming. No one person can say they do not contribute to global warming because that will be a flat lie.

Global warming is a topic always talked about in the world. This is the topic of the political

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