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God: Man or Myth?

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Essay title: God: Man or Myth?

The existence of man, earth and universe was no accident. It does not seem likely that such an immense creation would be for no reason. How do we really know the origin of what we identify as our universe? What are the true characteristics of a god? Is the role of god only to create, or does god control fate? Has god given us a purpose or are we just simply here for his entertainment? I feel to look into ones beliefs of god, one must think beyond the barriers of organized religion. There is most likely more to god than the average view a person usually holds.

The universe must have been created by the same god that created man. If it were only man to be created by god, then who created the vast area outside of our world? It may be possible there is more than one god responsible for the creation of the universe and its contents. There may be in infinite number of sophisticated beings constantly guiding the evolution of our universe and possibly other universes. But where do these advanced creators themselves originate? To answer this question

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