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Google: The Future of Search Engines

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Essay title: Google: The Future of Search Engines

Vice-president of Google's search products and user interaction

I search narkomanka. It is by nature - is constantly trying to find something new and interesting. Add to everything I'm working on search technology at Google more than nine years. Therefore, I will not be surprised if I say that «looking for» constantly. Nevertheless, I believe that every day until the search bar dobiraetsya only 20% of my questions. Take, for example, last Saturday. I intentionally recorded arising in the course of the day questions that would like to clarify, but for various reasons was unable to do so:

This Is the word «fab», «goy» and «eely», or partners skrabblu I got cheated? How late on Saturday opened stores network JC Penney? For a school team plays Banana Slugs? Which team mascot at San Jose State? How many of electricity produces hydroelectric power? At what time will show the movie Tropic Thunder? What is the name of a famous Irish flautist, whose name is James? What is the third largest city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg? With over sequoia or cypress? Which one of the oldest living organisms and how many years it? Who performs «Queen of hearts»? «LF» San Francisco is on the Concorde Square or on the streets consent? As a Charleston dance? In a day of the week show show Lawrence Velka? What words in the song «In the mood»? With stronger expands vessels - varfarin or aspirin? How does the number of «gugol» received such a title?

And this is only what I remember. Looking at this list, two facts became apparent. First, I really feel the need to look anywhere. Secondly, today's search engines have much to grow. There are many ways to meet the growing demands of users. Let us try to look at my left unanswered questions and Saturday suggest how search engines will change over the next ten years.

Scenarios search

To begin, let us explain why I can not implement all of these requests right now. Because the search engines, no matter how tried, have not yet sufficiently available. Search engines today should be much more mobile - he must be quick and easy to use, being launched with a cell phone (even with a pocket electronics), inside the car or even clothes (though we still do not have such devices). For example, when a question about the oldest living organisms - we just go for a row. All of us were curious, and all had an interesting response, but no one sought it through awkward and slow phones / communicators. The situation would have changed, we own devices with a really broad communications capabilities, the ability to continuous search. And as you the idea of clothing and equipped with electronics, which can vychlenyat keywords of your conversations in real time and immediately search in the background, giving results in a convenient form?

Such a view on search technologies, leads us to think about another promising scenario - the voice search. The user should be able to talk with the usual search engine to him (the user) language, but it does not matter verbally passed requests or so languages. The most important thing now - move through the stereotype that the search should always be carried out through vbivaniya in the form of keywords from the keyboard.

And why the search query in general should consist of words? I would very much like to upload a photo by flying birds in order to find out its name. After all, photography - is the only thing that I can provide the search engine in this case. Why do I still can not listen to extract audio search engine (radio broadcasts, speeches, etc.) and get relevant results in response. Many will say: «Similar services already exist», but let us examine the facts in the eye, they are far from ideal, and they do not just work.

In the next ten years we will be able to observe the changes it is searching scenarios: wireless devices will be able to offer us much more simple and unobtrusive search. Internet prosochitsya in a much more significant number of devices. There will be various ways of building requests by voice, gestures, pictures or music. Used today scenario search by keywords so effective exactly the same as it was limited. The emergence of future scenarios, perhaps - the most important and revolutionary change, which must be ready to search engines.

Types of content

Now let's talk about the types of search engine-supported content. Sinenkih dozen hyperlinks in the issuance of search - it is, without doubt, useful and fun, but that the orders to do with textual information when I need to see how dance, say, Charleston? Perhaps the video in this case would be much better? Either way, this type of material found to play an important role.

Universal search, which we

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