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Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Essay title: Hamlet by William Shakespeare

In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the ghost of hamlet’s father appears with a vengeful task for Hamlet. The ghost asks Hamlet to avenge his death by killing his murderer Claudius, the new king. Hamlet accepts this task but becomes too obsessed with finding a way to kill Claudius with satisfaction. Throughout the story Hamlet transforms from intelligent and cunning to irrational and ill tempered as a result of his dead father’s expectations.

Even though the ghost appears a few times during the play he sets the major plot of this revenge tragedy. The ghost first appears to Horatio before he meets with his own son. Hamlet believes the ghost is an evil sprit, foreshadowing the upcoming danger of Denmark. However the ghost proves to Hamlet that he really is his father, ^HOW Hamlet is willing to hear him out. The ghost asks hamlet to kill Claudius by marking these lethal words: “revenge his foul and most unnatural murder.” The ghost wants this not only because Claudius poisoned him putting him, but also out of anger that Claudius married his wife. When the ghost asks Hamlet to do this simple assignment he did not know that Hamlet would let it take over his life, hurting everyone around him.

Hamlet feels responsible to avenge his father’s death. At the beginning Hamlet tries to overcome his doubts about the ghosts’ real intentions to kill Claudius. When Hamlet finds out his uncle devious plan he turns cynical and he is full of hate. When Hamlet has a chance to kill Claudius he chooses not to. Despite Claudius views his prayer saves him (she put questions marks). While Claudius was on his knees he spoke this words “my words fly up, my thought remain below, words without thought never to heaven go.” As much as Hamlet wanted to kill Claudius he chooses not to. Hamlet reasons were that he if he killed him while he prayed he will go to “heaven not Hell,” which he believes to be a deprived revenge. Hamlet does not fully understand his action but later value the

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