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Henry David Thoreau

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Essay title: Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau was man of simplicity, and if he were to experience life in Cary, he would not only be surprised, but disappointed in humanity itself. Thoreau believed in the necessities of life, nothing more, and the people of Cary live lives exactly the opposite. Cary residents live lives of material possessions, business, and over-complexity. These traits of society are precisely opposite of Thoreau's ideals and beliefs. Not only would Thoreau be disappointed, but his eyes would be filled with disgust, every which way he looked in the Town of Cary and it's people.

Certainly material possessions are a necessity to a point, but people in Cary drag it out to the extreme, and worship their possessions to a point where they become idols. Surely if Thoreau spent as little as fifteen minutes in Cary, the ideals he so richly abode by would be crushed in an instant. He believes in living the basics of life, for as Thoreau put it, "let us spend one day as deliberately as nature. ( )" We the people of Cary don't just live as shut off from nature as we possibly can, we "pave nature", and transform it into things that we don't even need, or use. We work the best days of our lives, and all we have to show for it is our nature-born possessions, which mean absolutely nothing to Thoreau.

Indeed, we toil the best of our days, and "fritter away our lives by detail. ( )", in order to earn the perishable items we acquire by destroying the ever resilient gift we have been given. We all live "meanly, likes ants… ( )", and we forget to stop and look at our lives from a different perspective. In fact, our minds are constipated with thoughts we entertain to feel important, and do the job, to once again achieve greatness through our "things." Our lives are so complex for such unjust reasons, and we all ponder the question that a wise man once asked, "why, should we live with such hurry and waste of life? ( )"


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