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High School Cliques and School Violence

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Essay title: High School Cliques and School Violence

High School Cliques and School Violence

There is an overabundant amount of cliques in high schools throughout the United States. Many teenagers believe the only way to be recognized is to be affiliated with the popular crowd.

There are many factors that bring about cliques in high schools. Some are based on wealth, style, and race. But in many cases there are cliques that are a combination of these elements.

Socioeconomic status is often a big factor in joining cliques. Realistically, wealthy and the poor do not go hand and hand. The children of wealthy homes often degrade people that are poverty struck. Cliques divide people through class distinction. If you are not rich, you cannot have the latest fashions or be able to spend money as freely as others on things, such as, a tenth pair of Nikes.

Fashion is another huge aspect of high school cliques. Nearly every high school girl dresses like a supermodel. They purchase tight fitting jeans with oversized belts and a matching shirt from stores like Abercrombie and Fitch, Guess, and American Eagle. Not to mention all the matching jewelry or ”bling”. Boys, too, are caught in a similar trap. They also dress to impress when purchasing a polo shirt or baggy jeans from Polo, Gap, or Structure. The media influences all of these styles. Magazines, television shows, and especially MTV, influence teens on style. For example, a popular television show like, The Hills, advertises high end clothing by having all their actors model their clothing.

Cliques are also formed by race. Far too many times people exclude others because of their ethnicity. I realize that people tend to have more in common with people of

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