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Historic Culture of China and Vietnam

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Essay title: Historic Culture of China and Vietnam

In the historic culture of China and Vietnam, teachers play an importance role in their society. There's a Chinese/Vietnamese saying that says, "quan, su, phu" which translate to "king, teacher, and parents." This is the philosophy and practice of order to pay respect to in the Chinese/Vietnamese society. Kings are to be most respected, because kings are believed to be appointed by God to rule; parents is in one of the top three to be respected because parents brought you life. Parents and king are respected because one brought you life and the other is appointed by God, but what make teachers so highly ranked in this society to be respected ranking second? How does the U. S. society rank teachers in the aspect of respect and why?

In the history of Chinese/Vietnamese culture, teacher are highly respected because they are the one that show you the way of life. A teacher in this culture doesn't only teach you how to read and write, but they teach you how to live life and the meaning of life. Teaching the meaning of life sometimes is just teaching a person how to read and write; when you are able to read and write, you can read the teachings and philosophy about the meaning of life, thus giving you the meaning of life. There's another Chinese/Vietnamese saying that can be translated as "if a person teach you one word, that person will be you teach no matter what, or for life". In another word, the saying is interpreted as if you learn one word from someone that someone is your teacher. Knowing one word is wiser than not knowing any word at all.

Kings are appointed by God, parents bring you in to life, but teacher show you the meaning of life. This is why teacher are so highly respected in the

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