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History of Civil Aviation

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Essay title: History of Civil Aviation

Civil aviation came about after World War one when pioneers explored new uses for aircraft, before that aircraft were only used for war purposes. In 1908 the British army developed aircraft, a few years before in 1904 J. E. Cooper, from the British war office, visited the Wright Brothers. His aim was to bring back information and skills on aircraft. This did not happen because the Wright brothers asked for $100,000 for the method of aircraft and a further $100,000 for the formulae and theoretical knowledge. The war office was unwilling to pay this amount.

Later, during the First World War, the aeroplane matured rapidly. Aeroplanes had to stand up to the war time maintenance. Although the Bi planes of 1918 resembled pre war types they were tougher faster and more capable. There was enormous expansion of production before 1918, with there being just over 100 million aircraft. Also by 1918 there were 32,000 companies forming the British aviation industry. The main companies were Avro, Bristol, de Havilland, Hawter, Rolls Royce, Handley-Page and Vickers.

The daring flights of “aerial adventurers” showed that aeroplanes were an increasingly practical means of transport and pioneered routes that would eventually be used by registered airline services. Fairs were very expensive and used by tycoons, politicians and film stars. All metal construction and smooth streamlined exteriors gave higher speeds and lower fuel consumption.

Handley-Page aeroplanes were of the first to have aeroplanes flying on a fast transport route of London-Paris. Fledging Royal Air Force set up a communication wing, to provide this fast transport service. The route was for government officials attending the Peace Conference. They flew mostly in D.H.4s, 4As and a bit later, Handley Page 0/400 twin-engined bombers. The 10th January 1919, was the start of cross-channel air services, claimed modified �Silver Star’ carried the first non-military passengers and also made the first passenger night flight across the channel.


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