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Hockey Is the Greatest Sport

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Essay title: Hockey Is the Greatest Sport

Hockey and its modern roots date back to the late nineteenth century. Interestingly, one of the considered fathers of hockey, Lord Stanley, came to Canada and showed great interest in the amazing sport. He then donated a steel mug of his to the sport which was to become The Stanley Cup. It is the oldest trophy in all of sports. Hockey is the sport of all sports and there is not a quality of another sport one will not find in hockey. If so, it would be a more boring version of something similar that hockey already has to offer. For example, in Golf there is the putt and in Hockey there is the slap shot.

The Canadian interest in Hockey as well as the entertainment it gives to people makes it the worthiest of all sports.

Canada has always had an interest in Hockey. Even before it was widely known, Canadians knew they were missing something. Canada is a northern country which has a lot of ice which made it an ideal place for the sport. Over the years Canada has been recognized throughout the world as having the greatest hockey players. This really helps Canadians with the liking of the sport as Canada does not get very much attention in the world. Let us all face it, what other sport is Canada considered

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