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Holiday Poem Literary Analysis

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Essay title: Holiday Poem Literary Analysis

Jingle Bell Rock is a song about Christmas. This song relates to my theme by being about Christmas. It relates to the theme because Christmas is a holiday. The song is all about making rhymes. The redefines the phrase “Jingle Bells” as anything you want it to be. One example is “Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square”. In this case jingle bells means the name of a street. Another example is “Jingle bell time is a swell time”. In this phrase jingle bells probably means Christmas. Jingle Bell Rock is a song you can hear everywhere during Christmas time.

When is Halloween? This is the question that the short poem called When Is Halloween? Answers. Halloween is a holiday so that’s how it relates to my holiday theme. The poem was targeted towards younger kids. The poem starts off by asking when Halloween is. Then all the lines after that answer the question. I have a couple of examples, like “When ghostly mummies dance”. This could mean someone who has dressed up as a mummie for Halloween and is dancing around. Another example is “Children go trick-or-treating”. This one says Halloween is when children go trick-or-treating, which is true because it’s the only day of the year that happens.

Inn Town Christmas is a great holiday poem about Christmas. It was written by Constanze. The poem is about a family that is moving. They are staying in a hotel before they move in. That is were the poem got its’ name. The poem is like a short story. It is very easy to understand and follow along. At the beginning of the poem the family is hoping santa remembered they were moving. And when they think the vacuum lady is at the door it really is santa. The narrarator didn’t like the hotel and took the first chance he/she got to get out of the room at the end.

Bats And Black Cats is a Halloween poem by James Ruffini. It contains a lot of Halloween animals like black cats, rats, and witches. It is also set at night time. The author says the whole poem in a whisper. The whole poem tells a story about a cat that catches bats. In the second line it says “bats are little rats with wings”.

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