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Hot and Good

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Essay title: Hot and Good

Removing her clothes can be a very important part of foreplay. You have two choices: slow or fast. The reason you should try both (at different times, bobo) is because a) women love variety and, b) to figure out what she really likes.


Sit down on the bed and have her stand facing you. Slowly unbutton her top and spread it apart, but don't remove it just yet. Go inside her shirt and hold onto her waist, all the while kissing her stomach and licking her navel. Now take off the top.

Undo her pants/skirt and let it fall to the floor (and if she's wearing socks, for goodness sake, take those off too). Take a moment to look at her with appreciation, after all, you are going to be penetrating that body at some point in the evening, so you should appreciate it. Tell her that you can't believe that you have such a sexy woman in front of you.

Now open your legs and seat her in front of you with her

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