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Household Fuel Project

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Essay title: Household Fuel Project

The UNJLC mission to the greater Darfurs and assessment of UN/NGO interest and commitment to launch an ITDG project promoting manufacture of fuel-efficient stoves from locally available organic materials by IDP camp women thus, reducing firewood consumption by 40%, has been concluded.

Project proposal development responsibility were delegated to the Fuel and Energy Development Groups (F&EWD) established during the mission's visit to El Fasher, Nyala and Geneina comprising a cross section of UN and NGO partners.

UNJLC and ITDG Khartoum organization management, structure and process flow discussions were concluded since the last bulletin-reporting period resulting in a formalized and systems approach that demarcates service provider and NGO stakeholder responsibility levels and assists F&EWGs in development of geographic specific project proposals, which thereafter will be forwarded by the field directly to ITDG Khartoum for compilation and presentation to DFID in accordance with donor conditions.

Preliminary dissemination of road-map guidelines coinciding with inter-agency meeting in El Fasher are undergoing final revision for broad electronic dissemination to all locations by 23 September.

Other significant contributions include the launching of an F&EWG inter-agency 100 household surveys in Nyala comprising World Vision, as focal point covering Kalma and Otash camps. Save the Children UK will commence survey work in Manawashe, Mushing and Duma while IRC covers Kass.

Surveys are based upon data standardization mission recommendations and will capture

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