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How Did Henry Ford Change Lifestyles?

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Essay title: How Did Henry Ford Change Lifestyles?

Question 2.

Henry Ford the great automaker changed not only the process of making a car but also the lifestyle of his workers. Henry Ford changed the working class lifestyle from one that encouraged drinking, socializing, not saving money to one closer related to the middle class lifestyle of that period. He achieved this by the use of the $5 day and the rules one had to follow in order to qualify for it.

Henry Ford had a problem. Workers hated to work in his assembly line and the turnover was unacceptable. To fix the problem Henry Ford came up with the $5 day. However in order for one to qualify they would have to be working for 6 months and be on time to work. That employee also could not drink, socialize with others, have another job or work from home. In his/her house they would have to be the sole provider and nobody else could have any other income. These and other rules that one had to follow helped change the working class lifestyle. People could no longer have boarders living with them. They no longer could have a brother or sister that worked, live with them. The man of the house was encouraged to come home from work. He could not go to the bar like before and drink with friends. Henry Ford forced people to spend time with family and not socialize with others, part of his fear of unions. With people receiving $5 dollars a day and not being allowed to drink or socialize the working class started to save money just like the other classes and to own their own home and their own car, something nobody else thought was possible. Since employees could not work anywhere else but for Ford they became dependent and responsible. They no longer would just skip work because they felt like it. People did not show

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