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How Do They Count Population of Animals”

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Essay title: How Do They Count Population of Animals”

“How Do They Count Population of Animals” by Caroline Sutton. She wrote an article on how researchers capture wild animals in different and complex methods by each kind of animal. Different majors of Biologist Researchers are taking a census each type of wild animals that are living on the planet Earth, to estimate and to prevent over-population or under-population. The main idea of this article tried to emphasize that this task of capture wildlife animals is one of the most difficult method used in biologist field. The primary purpose of the article is referential, to inform the audience on how the biologist will have perform their task of capturing the wildlife animals in their habits. The author emphasize on how the referential was used in the article “ The only way to determine the number of mice living in a field is by “saturation trapping”- catching every single mouse until no more are left and counting them.” It informed the audiences on the process of capture the mice and release back in the wild after it was counted. In another paragraph, the author stated “Experimenters put a knockout solution in the water, which does the fish no permanent harm but make them float to the surface belly up. They then collect the fish, count them, mark them with dye or tags, and revive and release them.” It shows very obviously on how marine biologist will perform their duty of collect information of the fish population. The secondary purpose of the article is literary; the article has been entertaining the audience to see how the biologist performs their task in the field. It was very interesting and informative at the same time, at the end of the article, the author added a little humor of how Jonathan Swift who invented the microscope, “Big fleas have little fleas, upon their backs to bite’em; and little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum.” The primary pattern of the article is description. It describe on how the scientist, and the biologist perform their capture of wildlife animals. They used different methods to be needed to track of any types of wildlife living in their

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