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How Else Can Be Classified as Music

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Essay title: How Else Can Be Classified as Music

All are well aware that the case is not very, very simple. About how difficult it can be read from kurokikaze. At one time, read a book AV Voloshin «Mathematics and art». So that idea.

We can try to find a ringing in her small piece, but for this we will need to be moved to a more simple look. For example, at the entrance, we will have a file mp3, wav, ogg, or even something. Then build a sonogram of the file, filtering, and if necessary, to supplement the leading tone for so much, how much is possible. Next transponiruem received a ringing, that is, for example, a minor-key To translate in the pre-major. With that good job programs for a midi-files for cell phones. Aesthetics will not be particularly worried. Then build a table of transitions between notes. Usually used in the analysis of the frequency of occurrence of notes and building a histogram:

The horizontal serial number of notes, the vertical frequency of its occurrence.

And we get like this:

The horizontal

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