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How Workforce Culture Can Boost Corporate Performance

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Essay title: How Workforce Culture Can Boost Corporate Performance

How workforce culture can boost corporate performance.

This article addresses how the performance of employees and of an organization as a whole can be affected when the culture of the organization is not made clear to employees and when these cultures differ vastly from the values and beliefs of the employees. It is stated in the article that culture can determine mutual trust between a manager and an employee and the productivity the organization.

The author in this article discusses that it is difficult to change an organization’s culture due to the resistance that may be encountered from employees and managers. I have experienced this in my organization where senior employees resist changes in procedures or policies due to an apparent fear of the unknown. They get into a comfort zone and it is sometimes hard for them to think outside the box. This results in a decrease in performance from the individual employee and ultimately a decrease in the organization’s productivity.

Organizations need to ensure that their managers are leading by example when it comes to adhering to the organization’s values. Managers should also be careful not to lead in an autocratic style since it will hinder the growth of the organization.

In the article the author lists 14 core elements that can cause potential conflict in an organization between management and their employees. They are as follows;

• Economic sector and workforce size

• Integration of full-time, contract and part-time employees

• Union-management co-operation

• Labor relations climate

• Tenure of employees

• Workforce homogeneity

• Employee turnover/retention

• Workforce adjustment

• Team-based work design

• Leader-subordinate communications

• Leadership style

• Attitudes towards diversity

• Absenteeism

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