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Hr-Ease | Product Review

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Essay title: Hr-Ease | Product Review


Founded in mid-2000 as a “highly flexible and scalable HR/Benefits application”,

HR-ease is a web-based Human Resources Management System (HRMS) product.

The purpose of this software is to automate all the manual paper-intensive processes

associated with human resources files, compensation, and benefits. HR-ease provides

these five areas of functionality:

1. Human Resources - contains personal & demographic information

2. Payroll - paycheck & salary histories, expense reports, PTO balances

3. Benefits - personal elections with costs broken out by employer/


4. Management - manager access to view only version of direct reports


5. Life Events Wizards

Unfortunately I was unable to get a demo of this product even though their

website said that they were available. After 48-hours I still had not received a response

to my online request so I cannot elaborate on how user friendly this product will be for

end-users. However, based on the website information about HR-ease they had

pointed to several testimonials that talked about how easy the transition had been for

the HR staff (which included minimal training) and employees (training customized to

client as needed) of several clients.

August 18, 2007

HRD 338A

Week 1: Product Review

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