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Essay title: Human-Nature

The scenario in which Karen cuts and pastes a short paper off of the internet with in intent of handing in as her own work. Karen is feeling that she is so good at what she is doing and figures that nobody will ever find out. Karen attitude make her fall into the Human-Nature section of ethics because she is being egotistical. She believes she deserves an A even though she did not truly work for it. The professor will probably question her ethics and follow the procedure of the school to reprimand her actions. Karen believes that she may be more intelligent or may place herself above the rules of ethics because she believes she is more intelligent than the system at hand. Karen is practicing human nature to be more egotistical than she should be in order to stay in line with ethical behavior. She chooses to disregard the laws and choose to use some one else's work as her own. She did not do the work and should not receive the credit. Karen's attitude is such that she thinks that she will not be caught and she is thinking only of herself.

With the second human-nature scenario Sara finds a co-worker stealing from the company that she is working for. Having been told to look the other way Sara faces her own human-nature ethics of how she should respond to her

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