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Human Resource Management in Spain

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Essay title: Human Resource Management in Spain

Although most Spaniards are receptive to new information and ideas, you may find that they do not change their minds easily. Indeed, older [male] Spaniards especially in the south may seem distinctly 'unreconstructed.'

Feelings, as much if not more than objective facts or empirical evidence, often play an important part in Spanish business culture. Consequently, it is important that you work at developing an excellent rapport with your Spanish counterparts. If they have a favourable impression of you, and believe that you can be trusted, the likelihood of success increases.

Faith in the ideologies of the Church and/or a residual nationalism may also be important influences in decision-making.

Even if your Spanish counterparts seem friendly and encouraging, they may not be forthcoming with information they consider valuable.

If you are interrupted while talking, do not interpret this behaviour as an insult or a cause for concern. More often than not, the Spanish participants' interruptions indicate genuine, animated interest in the discussion. Equally, the Spanish give advice to one another and to visitors freely, so you should not take offence at this habit.

Honour and personal pride mean everything

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