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Human Resource Management

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Essay title: Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management (HRM) is “activities that managers engage in to attract and retain employees and to ensure that they perform at a high level and contribute to the accomplishment of organizational goals.” (Quotation is from conversation between team members and Human Resource Manager of a famous chain Hotel.) For being the organization to be efficient and effective managers are responsible for acquiring, developing, protecting and utilizing the resources that organization needs. Human resource is the one of the most important resources in all organizations. And also industrial engineers are responsible for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness in production or service sector.

Bьyьkhanlэ Parkhotel Deluxe and Residence is in service sector and the major factor, which separates service sector from production industry, the main material is human. It is one of two major resources: capital and human. Of course, capital is essential for a company, but it is only a tool in the hands of human.

The management of people is an area which is increasingly significant for business. The aim of this project is to analyze the company with a point of human resource management (HRM) and try to improve the criteria of HRM. It is consist of five main criteria. These are; Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal and Feedback, Pay and Benefits and Labor Relations. (Each components of an HRM system influences the others, and five must fit together. (Gareth R. Jones, Jennifer M. George. Contemporary Management third edition, Chapter 11)) According to these criteria

the client Parkhotel Deluxe & Residence and also solution suggestions and definition of problems were reported also course of actions, formulations, criteria and implementation information are reported.

According to the researches in Bьyьkhanlэ Parkhotel Deluxe and Residence all of the criteria were investigated and some problems defined related with HRM criteria. These are; wrong application on recruitment by “recruitment and selection”, deficiency of training employees by “training and development”, deficiency of motivation by “performance appraisal and feedback”, and these are important to reach the maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and other problems that investigate in the company are; deficiency of area requirements.

The remainder of this report is organized as follows.


Bьyьkhanlэ Parkhotel Deluxe & Residence was established by Bьyьkhanlэ Kardeюler Ltd. Юti in 1996. The hotel is located at Simon Bolivar Cad. No: 32 Зankaya / Ankara. The hotel has been still served with 105 rooms. The vision of the hotel is to be a chain hotel. For that reason, a new five star hotel in Эstanbul/Kozyataрэ is still under construction.

The general manager of the company is Ahmet Bьyьkhanlэ, and assistant manager is Aysun Sakintuna. They are responsible for all operations in the company and all information related with hotel directly reported to them. There are also five people responsible for the departments. (See appendix 1 for the organization chart).

There are 5 main department that are sales department, banquet department, housekeeping department, accounting department, and front office, and they have sub departments. All of the departments are located in the same building. And also invitation halls are located inside the building.


About investigations which are done in Parkhotel, five problems are found. These are;

1- Recruitment, training and development: It is the first two criteria of HRM. Recruitment is the main research process. It is divided in to two parts; internal and external recruitment.

To fill the job vacancies from within the business, where existing employees are selected rather than employing someone from outside, it is called internal recruitment (simple meaning is full time workers are recruited). And to fill the job vacancies from outside the business (Contrast with internal recruitment) it is called external recruitment (simple meaning is part time workers are recruited). The external recruitment consists of four main elements which are the standard processes that are accepted in service industry. First one is hiring standard to get the answer of what the company wants. Second is the target market to find which market the company competes in and hire employees through this. Third one is source of recruitment to find the answer of for what purpose the company wants to hire an employee and the last one is cost to find the amount of investment for searching employee. In Bьyьkhanlэ,

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