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Human Trafficking

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Essay title: Human Trafficking

human trafficking issues:

the article starts out with a clear emphasis on the cooperation between the different segments of society; cooperation between the state, civil society , and religious groups and institutions on the issues of human trafficking and prostitution, stating how they are immoral, illegal, unethical and how they should be considered as a taboo by societies in Europe, especially Cyprus since the exploitation of women has been rapidly increasing recently. Where all the 800bars and 70 cabarets take advantage of uneducated, poor, unlucky and socially corrupted women at the cost of reasons such as profit and pleasure, which may seem as lame reasons when compared to the life and future of a young woman. The article also states that some of these women, coming from countries such as Romania, Russia. Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Moldavia, and Belarus enter Cyprus unaware of what is included in their job descriptions, and are forced into prostitution by traffickers, which is humanly unacceptable and should without a doubt be banned from societies regardless of what kind of profit they may bring to the traffickers and to the public even as a whole.

The article does mention trafficking in different manners and types, but I chose to pay bigger attention to the issues regarding prostitution here in Cyprus. As I would like to make a clear emphasis on how this issue relates directly to the issue of poverty.

The article mentions a few solutions agreed upon by the state, the civil society and the churches. One of which mentions using the help of churches in an attempt to help the exploited women and to spiritually guide them towards better lives. Another solution was the campaigning proposal, where protectors of human rights helped increase public awareness of exactly what is going on and to what extent women are exploited.

the article was completely pro the abolishment of trafficking and prostitution practices and there were no arguments or debates in defense of the practices taking place in society.

There are a number of measures that should be undertaken by society for the improvement of the existing situation before it gets any worse, making it harder to fix later on, which would lead to a degraded corrupted society in the possible near future. as the article mentioned, churches should be a big part in the process of helping the exploited woman with the trauma their jobs brought to them. Also, the public should be made clearly aware of the situation, and all the details included in the issue of prostitution and how traffickers force it upon their employees.

Also, more patrollers should be made available to try and control the situation by arresting traffickers, which may also scare off other traffickers

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