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I Am Convinced That Diets Do Not Work

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Essay title: I Am Convinced That Diets Do Not Work

I Am Convinced That Diets Do Not Work

I walked into my closet this morning looking for something comfortable to wear. I tried on several outfits but none of them seemed to fit. “That’s strange”, I said to myself. Only three months ago, I could have worn anything in my closet. What went wrong? I thought I would be slim for life. At least that’s what my last “fad diet program’ promised. I lost over fifty pounds in less than six months. All the lost weight has been regained. Every year for the past twenty years, I have lost weight only to regain more as soon as I quit the diet program. I am convinced that diets do not work. Other studies conducted by industry experts substantiate my claim.

Firstly, most people lack the necessary will power. For a diet program to be successful, we have to increase exercise and reduce caloric intake. Most importantly, we must restrict what we eat. Will power is generally very strong in the beginning but diminishes over time. Regardless of the results being achieved, there is this craving inside our body telling us to eat what is forbidden. When the body feels it is being starved or cravings are not being satisfied, the metabolic rate in which it burns calories slows down. As a result, our weight loss progress is slowed down as well.

Secondly, most diet programs cost a lot of money. Whole wheat bread costs more than white bread, fruits and vegetables costs more than processed food. Processed foods and foods laden with refined sugars are seldom included in a diet plan for weight loss. Most of the diet programs I have used cost me in excess of $400.00 per month for the food and supplements. While many people may be able to afford this sort of expenditure in the short run, most people will not be able to continue beyond a few months.

Thirdly, when stress is upon us, we have a tendency to eat more. We eat without thinking. If watching what you eat and exercising regularly is not stressful enough, just think about what happens when you encounter extraordinary stress. As stress sets in, will power diminishes. We have a tendency to eat to feel better. This tendency is a subconscious habit developed as far back as our childhood. Because of this, it is almost uncontrollable. Our mind gives us reasons to “cheat” on the diet.

Lastly, dieting may be unhealthy if not done properly. Many people go on so called “fad” diets. These diets restrict caloric intake while starving the body of much needed nutrients. So called “fad” diets include liquid diets, body cleanses, juice diets, fruit

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