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Impact of Industrial Revolution

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Essay title: Impact of Industrial Revolution

The overall impact of the ideals, innovations and inventions during the Age of Enlightenment and Era of Revolution on the Western World is very lasting and ecstatic. The impact of these thing has had overall unbelievable effects. Ideals like Adam Smith and Edward Jennes had great effects on the Western World. Adams idea of laissez-faire whereas the government cannot regulate and control the industry is definitely a lasting effect of the Western World. The people can finally run their own companies. Edward Jennes idea of vaccinations has helped many in the Western World and has had it's continuing effects on the Western World. Many people have been cured and stall are because of vaccines.

Innovations such as the assembly line and the division of labor has had a lasting impact on the Western World as well. The assembly line has helped production and made it easier for each individual and is still used today. The division of labor had its great effect too. It have each worker a specialized job and made production quicker. It is still used today as well. Another innovation that has had a lasting impact is the idea of modern canals being linked to coal fields with the industrial

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