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Importance of Industrialization

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Essay title: Importance of Industrialization

Steven Austin Meek

Mrs. Corley

English Composition II

17 July 2007

Importance of Industrialization

In today’s age everything seems to flow smoothly. Technology changes almost everyday, and we are increasingly becoming more efficient in our products. The efficiency has emerged from industrialization throughout its growth since the Industrial Revolution. The industrial plants have led to more precise and accurate products while still having mass production. American cities with industrial plants have become centralized and have attracted more population from all over the country and possibly even from other countries through the transaction of foreign companies building plants in America. Industrialization has become the center piece of America’s economic development, and it has labeled America as being a land of opportunities. Nothing could have supplied America with this kind of power and prestige other than the simple but yet complex industrialization.

The Industrial Revolution in America was started in the early 19th Century. The Industrial Revolution was a dramatic change in the nature of production in which machines took the place of tools, steam and other energy sources replaced human powered work or even animal powered work, and skilled workers were replaced with mostly unskilled workers. Lack of demand for skilled workers allowed women to work out of the home and into the factories. The country went from a mostly agricultural society to a society based on industry and manufacturing. The population then began to migrate to these industrial cities because of work opportunities in the factories (The Industrial Revolution). These workers became more productive with the help of the machines, and since more items were manufactured, prices dropped because of the theory of supply and demand in economics (Hamilton). The decrease in prices made rare and difficult to make items available to the poor and not just the rich. Immigrants flocked to open industrial cities, canals and improved transportation allowed for trade (The Industrial Revolution). All of The effects seen in the beginning times of the Industrial Revolution are still present today, which shows the durability from industrialization.

Creation of jobs in industrialized cities from the industrial plants is a huge plus still present today. A plant such as a new environmental friendly bio-diesel plant being built in Deforest, will bring with it many jobs. Another example is in Alabama, where a new plant for Hyundai Motor Company is offering 2,000 jobs in the plant (Clanton). You also can add possible job openings in the company itself, such as accounting or minor management jobs. A more industrialized city is going to have a bigger population because of the increase in jobs and opportunities. For instance, Birmingham, Alabama in the year 2000 had a population of 242,820 while Dothan, Alabama- a less industrialized city- only had a population of 57,737.

With an increase in population, a city becomes better off economically which can allow for more entertainment in the city. In Birmingham, Alabama the increased money from the industrialization helped create the Birmingham Barons baseball team. Whether or not the city gets much profit from having the team, there is still benefit from the team. The Barons just recently raised $40,000 to help build a Habitat home. The money came from the people, and the people got their money from their jobs- possibly jobs associated with industrial plants or companies created from industrialization.

Possibly the biggest positive effect from the formation and continuation of industrialization has been trade and globalization. Trade and globalization was at first increased by the Industrial Revolution because of improvements and changes in transportation. Transportation has continued to improve, but one of the main things that has effected

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