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Improving Trade Visibility While Reducing Costs

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Essay title: Improving Trade Visibility While Reducing Costs

Improving Trade Visibility While Reducing Costs

Neiman Marcus adopts an on-demand visibility solution to expedite imports throughout the global supply chain.

Business Challenges

The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc., a leading national retailer, includes Neiman Marcus Stores, Bergdorf Goodman and the direct marketing segment, Neiman Marcus Direct.

Neiman Marcus needed to get better, faster product and shipping information from suppliers, freight forwarders and carriers, so it could provide data demanded by U.S. customs prior to products arriving in the U.S. This would eliminate shipment delays while helping the retailer avoid penalties and fees, and comply with government conditions for entry audits.

Selecting TradeBeam Neiman Marcus selected TradeBeam’s on-demand import solution because it would optimize operating efficiency, ensure compliance with all customs and regulatory agency import requirements, and provide visibility, reporting, and exception-based management of the operational aspects of global sourcing within the supply chain. TradeBeam would also provide seamless integration and collaboration with all business partners, and provide import tracking consistency

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