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Information Systems Hardware

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Essay title: Information Systems Hardware

Data Input Accuracy

The accuracy of data input is important because without it there would be no method for analyzing data. There are different devices that can be used to input data such as the keyboard, mouse, scanning devices and optical data readers.

The keyboard and mouse can be used for typing text and selecting information. This would be a good method for inputting printed questionnaires because it would provide for better data accuracy and there would not need to try to interpret the person’s handwriting. This could also provide a method for entering responses from responders in a telephone survey by using the number keypad on the telephone to record their responses.

Scanning devices are like copiers and can duplicate data such as images and characters. Some different types of scanning devices are magnetic ink character recognition (MICR), bar code scanners and optical data readers. Magnetic ink character recognition is used a great deal in the bank industry on paper checks, loan application and bank statements. Data is placed on the bottom of the checks with special ink which can be read by people and computers. Bar code scanners are able to read a bar-coded label with a laser scanner. Retail tags often use bar code scanners for tracking inventory and pricing available items. Typically a scanning device called an optical data reader is used to scan long documents. This type of reader uses optical character recognition to recognize characters, charts and images and make them into a digital file.

Output Convenience and Quality

Computer systems provide output in the form of visual, audio and digital. The convenience and quality of output are important. Types of output forms include monitors, printers and photocopiers.

Monitors provide output on a device that looks like a TV. There are two different types of monitors, they include a cathode ray tube (CRT) and a liquid crystal display (LCD). CRT monitors are usually cheaper and extremely large and bulky. They can be used to display digital photographs and other data output. LCD monitors are flat displays and can display more data into a smaller area and are often used in hand held computers.

Outputting data to a hard copy paper output is done through the use of a printer or plotter. Printers vary with different speeds, features and capabilities. They usually provide output in the size of 8 1/2 inches x 14 inches or less. They can produce the output in color or black and white with different resolutions, depending on the needed degree of professionalism. Items such as memorandums and resumes can be produced and are often done using laser printers. Plotters can produce a hard copy output that can vary from a few inches to several feet and are often used to displaying statistical reports or large drawings. Photocopiers have also become a method for printing large quantities of electronic data, like a company’s annual report.

Storage Devices

Storage devices provide the ability to store larger amounts of data, instruction and information in a permanent manner and available for future access. Different types of storage devices are optimal for different situations. Some types of storage devices are hard disks, floppy disks, memory, CD-Rom

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