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Information Technology Solution

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Essay title: Information Technology Solution

Information Technology Solution

After analyzing the business requirements for improving the security and privacy of our human resources records, we feel that the following Software and Hardware will achieve these goals when considering Information Technology Solutions for our company.


We agree that the key asset of any organization is its people. To make the most of this critical resource, organizations need human resource solutions to perform the necessary administrative functions. HR needs to be flexible enough to accommodate expanded transactional volume. In addition, as businesses grow through mergers, acquisitions, and global expansion, HR solutions need to be flexible enough to accommodate expanded transactional volume and added governmental regulations and requirements. We have an advanced software package that is easy to install and manage, yet handles the full potential of human resources, benefits, and payroll needs. We offer comprehensive tools for all levels of the human resource staff, from VP’s of HR to Directors and Managers to Recruiters. Some of the features that will come with the new software are a complete range of professional services, including HR consulting, system configuration, data conversions, implementation and project management, connectivity to benefit carriers, on-site software training, on-going support and custom projects.

These are some of the benefits the new software will allow us to do:

• Enter new hire demographic information

• View Vacation and sick leave balance

• View the amount of leave taken, and leave balance

• View the latest performance review

• View and update personal address and phone information

• View and enter benefits enrollment information

• View and input training and certification data


In comparison with software and data, the hardware of a computer is infrequently changed. However, with today’s technology continually changing, upgraded computer hardware is typically recommended when new software is needed. Hardware can be easily installed or replaced with minimal downtime. The following hardware recommendations should be immediately purchased and implemented within the Human Resource Department. Computers will be evaluated within the entire human resource department. Once a thorough evaluation is completed, any computer with expired warranties or any computer more than three years old will be replaced in order to comply with the new software.

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