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Introduction to Decision Making

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Essay title: Introduction to Decision Making


As Director of Human Resources, it has come to my attention that there are some problems with how managers come to the decisions that they do, when completing employee performance reviews.

After reviewing some of the recent employee performance reviews and observing these same employees while they work. I realized that some of the information that was stated in the performance reviews was inaccurate or incomplete to other information that was in the employee records.

Being the Director of Human Resources I feel that there are several problems that need to be addressed, so that hopefully these performance reviews will be more accurate and less bias when being filled out.

The main problem that seems to be occurring with the performance reviews is that the performance reviews are not being adequately filled out. Instead these performance reviews seem as if they are being filled out in general and not on a per employee bases, which leads to other underlying problems.

The first thing that I would like to do is have a meeting with all of the managers addressing the fact that there are problems with how performance reviews have been completed in the past, and inform the managers that I will be implementing a performance management process that is effective, efficient and successful. I believe that having a program like this will not only benefit the managers, but employees as well.

In order to implement a program of this type, there will be several workshops that will be held over the course of the next few days, that all managers will be required to attend.

During these workshops we will be discussing the proper ways to fill out performance reviews. What information will be needed in order to fill out performance reviews, and how often performance reviews will be done.

Also in this workshop we will explain to managers that before they can properly complete a performance review on employees, that they will be required to give each employee a self evaluation form that each employee can fill out about themselves in regards to their work performance. These self evaluation forms will be completed and turned into their manager a week before the manager is ready to complete their review.

When a manager receives the self evaluation form from their employee, they will take into consideration what the employee has put into the evaluation when completing the performance review.

Managers will also hold a meeting with their employees explaining that they will now be required to fill out self evaluation forms prior to their manager completing their

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