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Investment Bencharming for Bernard Lester

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Essay title: Investment Bencharming for Bernard Lester


Team Delta Learning Team Week 2 Assignment

Scott Myers

Sharon Stewart

Von Nelson

Larry Stafford

Lara Edna

MBA 540

University of Phoenix

Professor Brady

01 April, 2008

Table of Contents

Introduction Page 3

Internal and External Growth Strategies Page 3

Working Capital Management Strategies Page 5

Challenges of Cross-border Growth Strategies Page 6

Organizational Performance using Financial Statement and Ratio Analysis Page 7

Portfolio Management in Allocation of Corporate Resources Page 9

Conclusion Page 9

References Page 10

Team Member Synopsis Page 11

Scott Page 11

Shari Page 15

Von Page 20

Larry Page 23

Lara Page 25


A company is a high performance organizational structure that is affected by internal as well as external forces; a company must align itself internally and externally in order to maximize its efficiency and potential to be successful in a business market. In the case of the Lester Electronics scenario, Lester Electronics, as well as its supplier, are in a position be acquired; this acquisition potential is from external market competitors and could be from a buyout or by hostile takeover. In order to learn of potential protection measures available for Lester Electronics and its number one supplier Shang-wa, Bernard Lester assigned his best research team at work doing benchmark research, in order to determine the best options for Lester Electronics and possibly for Shang-wa Electronics. These bench marking possibilities will be outlined as well as several topics of interest to Lester Electronics; these topics of interest include: internal and external growth strategies, working capital management strategies, challengers of cross-boarder growth strategies, organizational performance and portfolio management.

Evaluate Internal and External Growth Strategies

In the case of Lester Electronics and Shang-wa, both companies are at risk of being bought out by much larger and aggressive competitors. Internal and external growth strategies are important for all companies to implement; with the extra pressure on Lester and Shang-wa, strategies for growth also represent strength and independence. The situation is very similar to the situation Yahoo! Inc. is in right

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