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J.C. Penney Marketing Research Outline

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Essay title: J.C. Penney Marketing Research Outline


J. C. Penney Company, Inc. Is one of America's largest department store, drugstore, catalog and e-commerce retailers. Providing merchandise and services through department stores, catalogs, and the Internet.

Their targeted customers are "Modern Spenders" and "Starting Outs", who shop for apparel, accessories, and home furnishings through the centers where JCPenney is located and through the convenience of catalog and the Internet.

Starting Outs

· Less than 35 years of age

· Singles, young families

· 0-1 children

· Shopping patterns & relationships emerging

· No strong retail loyalties

· 28% of U.S. households.

· Currently 16% of sales

· Potentially 30% of sales

Modern Spenders

· 35-54 years of age

· Dual-earner households

· 0-2 children (often includes teenagers)

· Consumption oriented

· No strong retail loyalties & relationships

· Retail loyalties more likely

· Established shopping patterns

· Time-starved

· 27% of U.S. households

· Currently 43% of sales

· Potentially 50% of sales



J.C. Penney is the nation's largest catalog merchant, with the most modern facilities and the largest privately owned telemarketing network in America. Serving this $4 billion catalog business are nearly 2,000 catalog departments in JCPenney department stores, Eckerd drugstores, freestanding sales centers and independent catalog merchants.


J.C. Penney is in only its second year of Internet sales, and its going strong and growing. Sales jumped from $15 million to $102 million since the

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