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Jesus Won’t Come Until the Jewish People Are Saved

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Essay title: Jesus Won’t Come Until the Jewish People Are Saved

Jesus won't come until the Jewish people are saved.

Jesus won't come until the Jewish people are saved.

Why the salvation of the Jewish people is your greatest priority in prayer!

Maybe you live in a town or city far removed from Israel, and maybe you don't even know any Jewish people. Perhaps you go to church every Sunday, and even give support to the annual missions drive, but praying daily for the salvation of the Jewish people… well… that is surely something someone is doing somewhere. Right? Maybe you are even a Jewish believer but you have never felt the burden of prayer. Or perhaps you are a missionary and the Lord has placed a calling on your life to travel to a third world country, so why should you worry about praying for Israel and the Jewish people?

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee." Psalm 122:6

In this verse, we must ask, what is the peace of Jerusalem? Certainly it isn't the state of affairs today. So should we pray for half of the city to be given to the Arabs? Will that bring peace? History shows that it will only increase the conflict. Ok… what about giving Jerusalem over to the Vatican or the United Nations, they can certainly keep the peace, maybe that is what we should pray for. Is God's inheritance a mere political football? Can man govern what God has ordained as His?

No, peace, true peace, can only come when Yeshua (Jesus) reigns from His throne, in His city, Jerusalem, and all the world bows their knee to their King Messiah. Yeshua, Jesus, IS the Peace of Jerusalem!

So why is the peace of Jerusalem important to some one in Paris, or London, or Peoria, Illinois?

Because there will not be worldwide peace until the Kingdom of God is established in the Earth, and the place He has declared to be the capital of His earthly kingdom is Jerusalem. The world will continue to sink into greater darkness and evil until the coming Great Day of the Lord. So our earnest desire as believers ought to be His soon coming in order to bring an end to suffering, and to see the glory of our Savior proclaimed in all the earth.

So how does this coming of the Lord depend on the salvation of the Jewish people? I'm glad you asked. From Genesis to Revelation, God revealed a plan, a perfect plan for the redemption of all mankind to Himself. A vital part of that plan was to establish a people, holy and separated to Him through whom the world would know the one true God. So often I have heard or read about how the Jews failed in their mission, but what was their mission? I believe it was to establish in the hearts of men that:

1) There is only One true God

2) That mankind is inherently evil

3) That we are unable to save ourselves for our goodness is as filthy rags

4) That only through the grace of God and the sacrifice offered by His Son could we be saved

In this the Jews succeeded remarkably in fulfilling exactly their calling. How can I say this?

Firstly throughout their history leading up to the first coming of Yeshua, they faithfully recorded the word that God gave them, and the successes and failures they had in trying to keep God's commandments. They never changed the words of the prophets, and they didn't gloss over their sins, they faithfully recorded for all of mankind the battle that wages within the human soul that is enslaved to sin, but seeking to be reunited to their heavenly Father in righteousness. Without the Law, as Paul said, we would not know what sin was. Without the Jews faithfully recording the law, and their failure to keep it, we would not know how to interpret God's commandments to us. No other nation or people ever received such revelation, and no other nation or people could have done a more honest and thorough job of delivering it to the world.

Secondly even while under the persecution of God for their disobedience and driven from their land, they took their holy book with them to every nation, and by their sacrifice, they introduced the word of God to every culture. No nation can stand before God and say they didn't have an opportunity to know the truth. The sins of the fathers flow from generation to generation, and whole nations suffer under the curse of their forefathers rejection of the revealed word of God, in fact I believe even the "lost" societies today that claim to have never seen the word of God before,

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