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Job Satisfaction

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Essay title: Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction


The issue of Job Satisfaction, Motivation in the workplace and the role of Job Characteristics have been the cause of intensive research for many years now and have given rise to many theories, formed on the basis of extended research by psychologists, social scientists and HRD managers.

The concept of job satisfaction, though of considerably recent origin, is closely linked to motivation in the workplace and is a causal factor in improved performance in the workplace. These issues are again linked to Job Characteristics, which primarily describe the inherent features of a job, which can again motivate or demotivate workers, and whose tweaking can thus change a the inherent motivational features of the job.

During recent times an impression has been gaining ground that all is not well with the satisfaction and motivational levels of workers in British business, a fact that is also borne out to a certain extent by recent surveys.

It is the purpose of this research assignment to delve deeply into the matter and investigate all the above areas as well as linked developments. This will enable the establishment of causal relationships between these variables and possibly enable the research come up with fresh perspectives and practicable effective solutions for the improvement of worker satisfaction and national productivity.


Serial Description Page

A Introduction 3

1 Background 3

2 Statement and Significance of Research Problems 5

3 Research Questions 7

4 Purpose of Study 8

5 Limitations of Study 9

B Literature Review 10

1 Current Thinking on Employee Motivation 11

2 The Importance of Job Characteristics 18

3 Harassment in the Workplace 21

4 Effect of Use of Computers on Job Satisfaction 23

5 Improvement in Job Satisfaction 24

6 Current Levels of Job Satisfaction in the UK 28

C Research Design and Methodology 31

1 Research Statement 31

2 Choice of Analytical Approach 32

3 Choice of Information Scenario 36

4 Population and Sampling 36

5 Data Collection 37

6 Data Analysis 42

References 43

A. Introduction

1. Background

The worth of employees in the running of organizations has been analyzed and debated by management experts, sociologists and psychologists in depth and detail. A number of theories, most of them the result of painstaking and detailed research, are in use to explain human psychology in the workplace, the stressors and destressors of a working environment, and the reasons behind employee performance, or for that matter, the lack of it.

For all practical purposes, employee satisfaction is essential for corporate success and all famous leaders of corporate enterprise apparently were also exceptional leaders of men. Low attrition rates in companies is an indication of stable and employee friendly HR policy and a barometer of corporate well being. The onset of higher employee turnover brings with it indications of difficult times ahead and is considered as a serious competitive disadvantage by business and financial analysts.

The issue of job characteristics and employee satisfaction has been looked at from a number of perspectives. One view, which is followed by many, is the importance of money. A number of employers feel that in today’s multiple opportunity, flexi choice, work from home environment, money is the basic reason for a person to take up a job, furthermore that people work only for money. Companies that pay more usually get the most applications be it at college graduation time for new entrants to the work force, or later on for mid career shifts for middle and senior people. This school of thought feels very strongly that employees join organizations, work and leave only for monetary considerations and all other reasons, which involve non-monetary factors like challenging assignments, caring environments, recognition and open communication channels are nothing more than idle talk and blandishment, meant to cover

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