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John Wilkes Booth

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Essay title: John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth


John Wilkes Booth was born on May 10, 1838 in Del Air, Maryland. His siblings consisted of his brothers Edwin and Junuis, older sister Asia. He started acting in 1855at the age of 17. While acting he had to do different plays every nigh, so he had to study his new lines until dawn. At 19 Booth moved to Richmond, Virginia, and acted there. His confidence grew and so did his fan base. Also, he attended many important social events while there.

John Wilkes Booth was famous as a civil war figure for the assassination of the president Abraham Lincoln. Booth had a group of people who wanted to kidnap nap Lincoln. He planned to kidnap Lincoln and exchange him for confederate soldiers, but since Grain Lee surrender his plans changed. Instead he wanted to kill Lincoln, vice president Andrew Jackson, Ulysses

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