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Journal Articles on Classroom Management

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Essay title: Journal Articles on Classroom Management

Journal Articles on Classroom Management

Cameron T.

MAT 521-Maintaining an Effective Learning Climate

Martin Lewis

June 3, 2003

Journal Articles on Classroom Management

Article #1:

The article "Behavior Management: Making it Work in Middle and Secondary Schools" by Kathryn M. Obenchain and Shannon S. Taylor discuss some tips and techniques for handling behavior issues in the classroom in an effective manner. From reading this article I was shocked to learn that a big factor in teachers deciding to resign early is due to student behavior. According to this article studies show that while teachers may leave the field because of low pay or societal view toward education, another reason teachers choose to leave is student behavior (Obenchain & Taylor, 2002). This article is specifically targeted at new teachers. It appears that new teachers approach teaching with concerns mainly geared towards lesson content and less towards behavior management. Many new teachers make the mistake of overlooking the fact that behavior management is vital to maintaining an effective learning environment.

This article relates to today's classroom because it helps explain why many new teachers are not staying in the field of education. This article states that the retention of new teachers is an even more serious issue, with some reports of forty percent to fifty percent of teachers leaving the field, for a variety of reasons, with in the first five years (Obenchain & Taylor, 2002). I find that information beneficial to know because it lets me know that I must put just as much time into behavior management as I do into lesson and text content.


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