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Essay title: Judaism

Have you ever heard of a religion that has survived persecution and cruelty? Well I have, and it is called Judaism. Judaism has survived slavery in Egypt, and it has also survived the Holocaust in Germany. Judaism has been around for thousands of years. Judaism was first enslaved in Egypt in 1200 B.C. Throughout this essay, I will discuss Judaism, and how the Exodus laws and religion has affected the Hebrew culture.

The movement of the Exodus started in 1440 B.C. Abraham, the founder of the Hebrew people, led the Hebrews into Egypt from Canaan. They left Egypt to escape the drought and famine. The Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews in 1200B.C. The Hebrew was slaves for more than 400 years. Moses was sent by god to lead the Hebrews from slavery. Moses led them to the deserts of Sinai Peninsula.

Some of the laws of Judaism are still in the Mosaic laws. The Ten Commandments are also included in the Mosaic laws. The Mosaic Law demanded kindness toward the poor and toward slaves. This system of law reflected the belief that all people deserve kindness and respect. The Hebrews entered covenant, or an agreement to follow the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are moral laws that Yahweh revealed to Moses.

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