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Jumanji Scene Analysis

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Essay title: Jumanji Scene Analysis


Aunt Nora is finishes her self motivation tape and hears the radio report about people getting bitten by venomous spiders and what you should do if you get bitten by one of these spiders. Aunt Nora stops the car at an intersection and hears some rumbling. She gets out of the car and sees a stampede running across the road in front of her. Distracted by the stampede a monkey hops into her car.

Aunt Nora gets back into her car and drives off. She sees the monkey and the monkey screams. Aunt Nora then smashes the car into a big ditch.


There is no sound in this scene.

The car makes the sound of a normal car. The sound from the radio gets louder as the car approaches the camera. You can hear the car and the radio at the same time. The brakes make a screeching sound as the car stops at the intersection. As Aunt Nora changes the tape over it makes a clear clicking and crackling sound. You can hear the door open and close as Aunt Nora gets in and out of the car.

The rumbling noises get louder as the stampede is stomping along the ground as they approach the intersection. The stomping noises are coming from elephants, ryno’s, zebras and birds. You can faintly hear the monkey get into the cars as the stampede is going across the road. The sound of the stampede fades out as it goes into the distance and then you hear a puffed out ryno trotting slowly trying to catch up with the stampede.

The car accelerates with a slight increase of sound. You then hear the monkey scream and then you hear Aunt Nora scream with a higher pitch and then the car skids with a screeching sound and crashes into the ditch with a crashing and crumbling sound.

Characters And Dialogue:

The man on the self motivation tape had a confident voice. The lady on the radio had a serious and informative tone. Aunt Nora was scared,

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