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Kinseiology 345 - the Effects of Exercise During Aging

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Essay title: Kinseiology 345 - the Effects of Exercise During Aging

Kinseiology 345, The Effects of Exercise During Aging


"By the year 2030, the number of individuals 65 yr and over will reach 70

million in the United States alone; persons 85 yr and older will be the fastest growing

segment of the population. As more individuals live longer, it is imperative to

determine the extent and mechanisms by which exercise and physical activity can

improve health, functional capacity, quality of life, and independence in this

population." (retrieved 5/23/06 from www.acsm-

Aerobic exercise is beneficial to older adults. Excercise guidelines are

prescibed by docters to ensure the workout isn't overwhelming

but is still effective (retrieved 5/20/06 from However, with

aerobic activity in older adults precautions and limitations do


Aerobic exercise is also known as cardiovascular exercise

. Aerobic activity

can be described

as any form of running, swimming,

biking, or walking. Aerobic, or cardiovascular, activity "builds overall endurance."

(retrieved 5/20/06 from By participating in

aerobic activities the state of the heart and lungs is improved. Aerobic exercise

conditions the body and is significantly beneficial.

Older adults stand to benefit greatly from aerobic exercise. For example

burning 1,000 calories a week through aerobic exercise can

reduce the risk of disease (retieved 5/20/06 from If an older

adult is being introduced to aerobic exercise they should

consult a docter first. Starting lightly is recommended. Once endurance is increased

they should increase their workout as well. By following an

aerobic workout that is challenging and the right speed a person can become


Aerobic exercise increases the amount of oxygen delivered to our muscle.

This "generally imporves cardiovascular health." (retrieved

5/21/06 from A study done by the Cooper Institute for Aerobics

research in Dallas compared a lifestyle with physical activity,

such as taking walks or yard work, to a lifestyle with a structured workout (retrieved

5/21/06 from The results showed that the

lifestlye that included physical activity was just as rewarding as the lifestyle with the

structured workout. This shows that a workout doesn't have to

be strenuous or difficult to have good results.

By consistently following an aerobic workout a person should be able to increase

their heart rate by 75% of its maximum.

Being fit at an older age is not only healthy but it can make every day life

easier. For example older adults who are physically fit are less

likely to face limitation in everyday chores such as carrying gorceries (retrieved

5/21/06 from Although getting older is

inevitable exercise can reduce

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