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Lame Paper

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Essay title: Lame Paper

3. Explain the differences between plan A and plan B associate of arts degree programs and basic philosophy?

One of the differences is you can either take up to 36 units in one major and take 18 units of regular General Education classes or You can take up to 18-21 units in one major and fill up the rest of the card with general education classes. The universities look forward to plan A because you’ll get most of the general education classes out of the way. For example I want to major in photography now because the pictures look pretty simple to take. Basically y both plans are about the same but you’ll either take more classes in your major or less depending what plan you take. Although the UC’s prefer plan A so you’ll end up taking more classes within their department. I recommend plan A because its sounds a little easier.

4. What are the various areas of concern regarding researching a university? Please include in detail each areas sub-components part?

There are many areas to research when you are looking into an universuity. One part is the location, usuasally its better to find one close to home because you’ll don’t have to travel that far. Remember parking is a hassle to find so you’ll have to consider public transportation, besides that if you have the money, then gets a apartment next to campus of your choice. Before you go to any universuity , you’ll have to be accepted, you’ll have to have a good GPA to be accepted at the private schools like usc and harvord. Cal state universities require 2.0 gpa

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