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Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun

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Essay title: Leadership Secrets of Atilla the Hun

Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun

Authored by Wess Roberts, Ph.D.

(Warner Books 1985)

Leadership secrets of Attila the Hun is one of the smallest books, yet encompasses a great deal of knowledge. Several key points that the book touches on include leadership qualities, the want to be in charge, customs, morale and discipline, shrewdness, appearance , picking your enemies, responsibilities, delegation, rewards, negotiations, and surviving defeat. Each chapter is set up in its own basic outlines, and each include tips that reference back to basic supervision and management theories.

The title of the book is in a way misleading in that it leads you to believe that it is actually written about Attila the Hun and his leadership secrets and how he banded his army together and managed them all. Although he reigned as King of the Huns for 19 years, his leadership abilities came more through cruelty and rapacity than his actual leadership abilities. However, great detail is given into the childhood of Attila and how he was sent as a child hostage to the Roman Court of Honorius, in exchange for another child hostage sent to the Huns. After several failed escape attempts Attila turned his attention towards learning the customs, traditions, and military strategy of the Roman Empire.

The Romans hoped that he would then carry their influence back to the Huns in their favor, but Attila turned this around to his own advantage and used it to begin his own military and reign of terror. Unlike leadership that is taught today however, Attila lead through fear and violence, his level of discipline unlike today's leaders involved the loss of family members or body parts, and ultimately death.

Wess Roberts compels a fascinating story and has made the view of leadership very entertaining and a great way to learn.

The book is related to problems in our present day world in several areas. Some of these areas included leadership qualities such as loyalty, courage, desire, stamina, empathy, decisiveness, anticipation, timing, competitiveness, self confidence, accountability, responsibility, credibility, tenacity, dependability, and stewardship. Qualities that are all too lacking in today's business world, as exampled by the Tyco, Enron, and Savings and Loan companies,

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