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Leadership and Organizational Change Worksheet

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Essay title: Leadership and Organizational Change Worksheet

Leadership and Organizational Change Worksheet

Task A: Models and theories of change

Instructions for Task A: In the Response row, identify three models or theories of change that CrysTel might apply as it implements its change initiative. Be sure to cite your sources.

Response to Task A: 1. Equity (motivation with fairness in social exchanges). Understanding the importance of equity model can be determined by how each department functions distinctly to the added whole of the CrysTel. Although each department has a unique and important role within the operations of CrysTel, it is important for leaders to unify or laterally create a balance through equity in programs for change. Disparity may be perceived on how a department such as Technology Operations has a more refined system for conflict resolution and allows liberties in the decision making process rather than the Marketing or Sales departments. The “grass is greener” perspective from the employee must be refocused that everyone has an equal and shared opportunities within the organization. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the leader to assess the working environment to ensure negative and positive equity does not persist, and appropriately use organizational justice to minimize the effects.2. Expectancy

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