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Legalization of Drugs

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Essay title: Legalization of Drugs

The legalization of drugs.

Legalization of drugs is a subject that shouldn’t even be discussed. The problems that this country has with drugs will still exist if they are legalized, but most likely those problems will increase and cause many illnesses and deaths among our citizens. Legalizing drugs is a way for the government to give up. “Illegal drugs are illegal because they are harmful”

Drug dealers are experts on how to market to children. The kids don’t know any better and when they see a white pill with the picture of a smiley face they probably wouldn’t believe that that pill could kill you. Many people believe that ecstasy is safer than cocaine and heroin which is incorrect. Ecstasy can be deadly and it is very addictive. “Ecstasy can cause hypothermia, muscle breakdown, seizures, stroke, kidney and cardiovascular system failure, as well as permanent brain damage during repetitive use, and sometimes death.”

Some people won’t admit that marijuana is a drug. Some people want it to be legalized on the grounds that it is helpful to those who are fighting a battle with cancer. Marijuana isn’t scientifically approved as a medicine but a drug called Marinol is, and cancer patients can receive those pills with a prescription from a doctor. Marijuana contains more than 400 different kinds of chemicals and it is proven that “if you smoke five joints per week you may be taking in as many cancer-causing chemicals as a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes every day.”

Cocaine, heroine and amphetamine

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