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Letter from Meena

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Essay title: Letter from Meena

Dear friend!

I am writing this letter because I am having some problems at home. My father keeps forcing us to do things we don’t want do. For instance he forced Sajid to get circumcised. He was in pain for several days and didn’t eat much. My father has been angry and unfair since Nazir left the ceremony on his wedding day. Father was crushed and refused Nazir’s existence. Now he is planning Abdul and Tariq’s wedding, and they found out about it just before the Shahs were coming to visit. It really crushed them and Tariq got really upset. He tore the dresses and smashed the watches that dad had bought for them. I think he got it coming, because he can’t make that decision on his own. It is a big decision which belongs to Tariq and Abdul. They are to decide who they want to marry. I am getting some complaints, too. Father doesn’t want me to wear my school uniform at home. He thinks it’s

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