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Life Path of Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Essay title: Life Path of Ludwig Van Beethoven

BEETHOVEN - one of the greatest events of world culture. On the philosophical depth of democratic orientation, the courage to innovate Beethoven is unparalleled in the music of past centuries in Europe. In works by Beethoven etched a great awakening of people, heroic, dramatic revolutionary era ...

Family. Children and youth YEARS

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in December 1770 in Germany

in the city of Bonn. Beethoven's father and grandfather were musicians. Grandfather - Fleming descent - even boys settled in Bonn. From many of Ludvig grandfather inherited character traits:

pride and independence of customs, perseverance and furious performance.

Johann van Beethoven - Ludwig's father was singer, violinist and klavesinistom, he was able musician, but disastrous passion for alcohol was a cause of the suffering of many families and especially Ludwig - eldest son.

By encountered since early childhood talents Ludwig's father treated as a new source of revenue. Coercion, beatings, he made a four-year child watches for prosizhivat

piano, harp endlessly pointless exercises on a violin. Education was conducted without any system: one teacher (often simply convive father) succeeds another, and although this string of teachers met the musicians know, none of the

They left no visible trace of the composer's musical upbringing of the future.

The new teacher Ludwig, nave, arrived in Bonn in 1779 and assumed the post of music director Bonn "national theater" set up by order of kurfyursta in imitation of other German vladetelnym court.

In 1783 young Beethoven visited systematically theater, and even worked there. That he was obliged to their new teacher. ...> Personage teachers had full effect on

mirosozretsanie emerging young musician. In 1783 the nave wrote about Beethoven in one of the then music magazine: "This young genius deserves support for its

entertainment travel. If he will continue in the same spirit, as initiated, it will be the second Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. " And in the future Nefe remained committed another

Beethoven. Ludwig pays him tribute, writing in 1793: "If I have achieved something big, then it will certainly share your ...

After receiving a seat court organist, Nefe immediately drew twelve Ludwig as his assistant (vicar). So, with the modest post of assistant organist "without salary", Beethoven begins his tour of duty in the court Chapel. It replaces the nave for the body, with a teacher willing to give the performance of responsible duties chapel organist. Fine playing on the body, Ludwig is a rare ability to improvise on any given topic.

In retreating from the usual accompaniment, a young player protractedly improviziruet in the church, which is of universal admiration.

Ludwig turned fourteen years. Continuing concern, overcast and cool, he seems older than his years. Endless series of petty family adversity brings him a lot of bitter feelings. Johann in those years, finally lost his voice and drink deeply. Earnings are not enough.

In the age of Ludwig had already enjoyed wide popularity in Bonn. He taught and performed in the aristocratic homes and at court.

The first works of Ludwig - variations, sonatas, piano quartets and songs - can withstand comparison with sochineniyami recognized by German composers of the era and in some cases found their own hard work of brilliant young men to create a new world of musical images.

Art life of Bonn has not satisfied Ludwig -

of. The desire to learn leads him from the quiet province

in a big city.

As familiarity with Ludwig sochineniyami Mozart increasing its worship of the genius of the musician. Play him with their compositions, listen to his advice, live side by side with the great man becomes irresistible desire to Beethoven. And in 1787 a young man goes to Mozart in Vienna ...

On this first visit by Beethoven in Vienna, we know very little. We know that he was there in spring 1787 a very short time. Mozart, fully engaged in writing "Don Juan", still found time to listen to Beethoven's game. Young composer brilliantly improvise on the same theme of Mozart, hitting all those present. Anderson said, attended the game Beethoven: "Pay attention to it. It will force all the talk about myself ... "

Suddenly, having received the news of the serious illness of the mother, Ludwig hastily moved from Vienna home. He found his mother dying. Her fragile body can not stand prolonged

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