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Life and Creative Way of Frederick Chopin

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Essay title: Life and Creative Way of Frederick Chopin

Childhood and young years

Friderik Chopin was born near Warsaw in the name Zhelyazova Volya. Contested by three dates of his birth. Official metric found in Brohovskom parish church, said about the same as letters and family traditions. Until now, we do not know whether it was a sunny day 1 March, 1810, or a dull day 1 March, 1809, or, finally, 22 Feb, 1810.

The father of the composer - Nikolai Chopin - a Frenchman, lotaringskogo son of a farmer, even in younger years, moved to Poland. Hard to say what led him to leave France, but in Poland he found a new home and has been hot participated in her fate. Nicholas Chopin together with the Polish patriots had participated in the struggle for the independence of Poland. After the defeat of the uprising Kosciuszko and the final section of Poland (1795), Nicholas Chopin, the captain of the army Kosciuszko, despite the precariousness of their position, decided to stay in Poland. The man widely mental outlook and education, he took up teaching and soon won a reputation as one of the best teachers in Warsaw. In 1802 Nicholas Chopin, visiting as a caregiver for the children of Count Skarbek, settled in the name Skarbekov Zhelyazova Volya. In 1806 marriage to a distant place relative Skarbekov Justina Kzhizhanovskoy. At a preserved testimony, the mother of the composer's music was extremely well played on the piano, had a beautiful voice. His mother Friderik obliged first musical impressions vaccinated infant years, the love of folk melodies.

In autumn 1810, shortly after the birth of a son, Nicholas Chopin moved to Warsaw. In Warsaw high school, he thanks a happy coincidence (that is, through patronage Skarbekov, which he was guvernerom and «through» the death of a teacher in Warsaw Lyceum Ban Mae) was of the teacher of French language and provided board for inmates Lyceum.

Intelligence and sensitivity of parents spayali all family members love and beneficial to the development of gifted children. In addition Friderika in the family of Chopin was still three sisters: Senior - Ludwik (in marriage Endzheevich), especially his former friends and dedicated friend and associate - Isabella and Emilia. The sisters have versatile skills, and early deaths Emilia - an outstanding literary talent. Special attention and care was surrounded by a little Chopin, with its extraordinary musical talent. Like Mozart, he smote the surrounding musical «obsession», inexhaustible imagination in improvisation, born pianizmom. His musical sensitivity and susceptibility evident booming and unusual. He could weep, listening to music, jump up at night to pick up the piano remembered melody or chord.

For six or seven years of age include classes Friderik beginning of the systematic piano. The first and only his piano teacher of the game was Wojciech Zhivny (1756 - 1842), Czech origin. Zhivny hardly was a first-class teacher, but how he was a musician, can be judged by what he brought up in the love of Chopin I.S. Baja and VA Mozart. Being already a mature artist and concerts pianist, Chopin is not part of Mozart's score, but once on the issue as he prepares for performances, said: «I usually shut for two weeks and played Bach - this is my training».

Friderik was 12 years old when Zhivny himself to desist from further occupations judge that nothing else can give their students. Almost simultaneously with the start serious musical training there and the first writer. Polonaise g-moll was published when its author barely 7 years old, and soon in February 1818 held a public speech a little Chopin. Warsaw press enthusiastically noted the event: «Music of the Polish dance, the child is eight years old ... It is a real musical genius. He not only freely and with great taste to perform the most difficult plays the piano, but he and the composer of several dances and variations, which izumlyayut connoisseurs of music tailored for children age author ». The first public statement by the beginning of further artistic achievements of Chopin in Warsaw.

In high school Chopin did in 1823 once the fourth grade. He studied diligently and seriously, of all subjects preferred stories and Polish literature, receives awards in the transition from class to class, but Friderik remained quite indifferent to the sciences that in the future could provide him a career and high social positions.

Holiday Friderik often held in the name of close friends in the indigenous regions of Poland in Shafarne and Obrove. They pass through it to the sources of folk music, for hours watching the village parade with dancing and singing, hard vslushivayas in a kind of sounding village orchestra, famously playing every oberki, Mazur, village polonaise. Chopin himself admitted: «I learned a long time to feel the Polish folk music». According to the Polish biographer Gezika, their own impressions of Chopin gave him more

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