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Magazine Critique

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Essay title: Magazine Critique

Allure Magazine


The magazine Allure was founded by Linda Wells who is still the editor-in-chief. The magazine was founded in March of 1991 and is dedicated to focusing on beauty. The magazine has several different articles but the focus does surround the topic of beauty alone. Intentions of the magazine are to educate women in the age group of late teens to early thirties on how to live a beautiful life.

“The magazine's circulation, initially estimated at 200,000 copies when Allure hit newsstands, has soared to more than 1,050,000. In addition, the magazine has received the prestigious National Magazine Award for design, an Editorial Excellence Award (from Folio), and a Circulation Excellence Award (from Circulation Management). In 1992 the magazine received the first of 8 journalism awards from the Fragrance Foundation. It has also received 27 awards from the American Academy of Dermatology and the Excellence in Media Award from the Skin Cancer Foundation.” (

The cost of the magazine is $3.50 on the newsstand and is $12 for a year’s subscription. This magazine, as well as several of its competitors, is running the $1 an issue bargain. Allure competes with magazines such

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