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Malcolm X - the Struggles of a Leader

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Essay title: Malcolm X - the Struggles of a Leader

In 1965 Malcolm X, one of the greatest black leaders in America, published his autobiography with the help of Alex Haley, a former writer for the Washington Post. In this autobiography Malcolm tells of the many struggles he had to endure in his lifetime. Things such as hate crimes, drugs, and prison.

The autobiography begins with an incident his mother (Louise Little) told him about that occurred while she was still pregnant with him. What happened was that a group of hooded Klan's-men galloped to his parents house in search of his father (Reverend Earl Little). They circled around the house with their loaded rifles shouting threats and saying that "the good Christian white people" were not going to stand for his father's "spreading trouble" among the "good" Negroes of Omaha with the "back to Africa" preachings of Marcus Garvey. They then circle ride around the house and smash in the windows with the butts of their guns. Malcolm was born shortly after on May 15, 1925. Then the book goes through his whole life from the time he was a mere boy to when he was an irresponsible teenager to the time when he was a civil rights leader as an adult. So in other words the book follows his life in chronological order. I find that this made the book more enjoyable to read and easier to understand. This is because books in which they jump

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