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Man Hath Known No Fury like a Woman Scorned

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Essay title: Man Hath Known No Fury like a Woman Scorned

Jon Elliott

Mrs. Scott

Honors IS 2

22 September 2000

Man Hath Known No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

Women are often referred to as the weaker sex. Don't say this to one of the women you’re about to read about. There are over 3000 people on death row in the United States. 42 are women. Is it that women are morally better or is it that they are better at getting away with it? The stories you are about to read deal with women who, if you saw them on the street, you would think they were perfect citizens, but they are cold hearted murderers. Thanks to Forensic Techniques we are taking these kinds of people off the street.

Three women, three murders. The first woman called the cops one night saying that there had been a horrible accident and she had shot her husband in the head. She told the story of the horrible accident to the police. They believed her. She said that when she was sleeping in her bed she heard a sound so she reached for the gun that her husband kept under the pillow for protection. When she was pulling it out she hit the trigger firing a bullet into the back of her husband’s head. She said it was a horrible accident and she couldn't believe it had happened.

The second woman was a woman in her 60s who was married to a well-known Reverend. One day she called in saying her husband was in bad shape and he was very sick. The ambulance came and got him and brought him to the hospital. He almost died but the doctors were able to keep him alive. His wife would bring cookies and other food to her husband.

The third case was a very strange case. Troopers found the body of an insurance salesman that had been missing for some time. The strange part was that the man was shot twice but there was no evidence left at all. There was no bullet casings or any fingerprints. The only thing they had was that they could tell the bullet holes were made by a shotgun and the tire tracks of a car. They questioned the man’s wife but still no clues were found. Then a few days later the police got an anonymous call giving a description of the man who had been talking about killing this man and where he worked. The men who killed the man were brought in and they confessed to the murder. They said that the man’s wife had hired them to kill her husband.

Using forensics they were able to prove that all three women were guilty of a least one murder. In the first case of the freak accident, they first discovered that the woman's story was a little fishy when they saw the way the bullet had entered and exited his head. If her story was true that the gun went of on accident that night as she was pulling the gun out from the pillow, why did the bullet enter the back of his head from the upper right and exit out above the left eye? By the way he was laying this would have meant that the gun was facing downwards. She said that she had fired the gun under the bed sheets. This was proven untrue when scientists could not find any powder burns on the sheets. That meant that the gun was fired away from the bed. The detectives also found the shell casing of the bullet right next to the man’s body. They preformed many tests shooting the gun and every time the casing was thrown far away to the right. There is no way the casing could have landed that close to the body. This meaning that the shell casing had been tampered with. Linking these clues together with testimonies from friends they convicted the woman for murder.

The second case proves that the smallest hairs on someone's head

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