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Management Information Systems

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Essay title: Management Information Systems

These are: Management Information Systems (MIS) and Electronic Business & Commerce. These are compulsory IT courses for all MBA students in order to equip them with basic knowledge of information technology, which can be applied to all management areas of marketing, finance, human resources, research methodologies etc.

In the second year of IT specialization, the focus is specifically on the IT skills with a managerial perspective. Students are provided in-depth understanding of IT applications in various industry sectors like manufacturing, finance, automobiles, software solutions, services etc. The programme covers following topics:

„« Information Technology Project Management

„« Software Quality and Process Management

„« Business Modelling through System Dynamics

„« ERP Implementation

„« Business Intelligence



Project Management has been an established field for many years. The management of information technology projects goes beyond standard project management. Information Technology (IT) Projects are technology driven businesses. IT Projects include a wide spectrum of activities like software, hardware, supporting infrastructure using computing and communications technologies. For example, many of the information technology projects fail because of the lack of user input, a lack of strong and clear vision, and a lack of executive support. This course deals with IT Project Management and suggestions on dealing with the management of complex issues of software projects. New technologies can also aid in managing software projects, and examples of using software to assist in project management will be included in the

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